About us

In 2014, HAPACA studio sprouted from the vision of two photographer friends in urgent need of high-quality, hand-painted backdrops. Finding such resources scarce in Europe, they initiated the craft themselves, eventually evolving their artistic endeavors into a full-fledged backdrop hire company. Our commitment extends beyond artistry; we are equally dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that no backdrop goes to waste but is instead repurposed into a new masterpiece. Alongside our unique backdrops, we now stock a diverse range of fabrics, perfect for adding a creative flair to any set or project. At HAPACA studio, artistry and eco-consciousness coalesce, offering endless possibilities for creatives across the continent.

HAPACA® is a registered trademark of HAPACA studio Ltd. Photos of our backdrops are owned by HAPACA studio Ltd. All other images displayed are the property of their respective owners.